#screenshotsaturday review (2010-11-27)

Here's a review of another #screenshotsaturday! If you don't know what it is, read the first post in the series.

I totally don't know what's going on here - but I'd like to find out! (by @cucumberoneye)

Looks like an old-school massive shoot'em-up. I'd like to play that. And the art style resembles what I'm aimingfor in my next game! (by @AnnalsOfTime)

That's intriguing. A single screenshot - and I'm in the story, I want to know what happened and what will happen next. (by @AlexanderOcias)

A Monaco clone? (by @onebitbeyond)

Awesome explosions here! (by @charliesgames)

That's beautiful. I love the lighting and blurry look in Swapper. Be sure to check its trailer here! (by @facepalmgames)

Yeah, @cardboardcompy made it here again. That art style really gets me.

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