Borstal is available on Android

Remember Borstal?

I added touch controls, achievements and leaderboard for survivors, also fixed some bugs. Get it!

Games I forgot to write about

Huh! I'm not sure how this happened, but I made two new games and didn't post about them here. Let's fix this!


It's a survival-focused roguelike set on a small island. It's 1926, you're 13 years old and it is raining.
Random generation, meaningful choices and multiple endings!
I made this for the 7drl game jam ("make a roguelike in 7 days") with help of @regisekpl.

Modern Shooter

It's a very short (5 mins) game I made for the 7dfps game jam ("make an FPS in 7 days"). It has everything a decent FPS should have nowadays, but... Well, just see it for yourself.

I'm really satisfied with this one. I managed to say everything I wanted to through Modern Shooter, and it's actually fun!

Both games are made with libgdx, obviously.

About game development

"I will say that if you don’t enjoy solving problems and being faced with mysteries on a daily basis, then don’t get into games development. The majority of the time at the end of a project is spent debugging, and that tends to be a case of 8 hours of headbanging frustration and swearing followed by a huge Dopamine surge and dancing for 3 minutes when you finally solve the problem."

This is a (very true) quote from Rob Hale, developer of Waves.

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