It's about time to announce it officially on this blog: I'm working on a new game called Prophour23.
Prophour23 is a procedurally generated real-time strategy with emphasis on mechanics. It's designed to be short and replayable. Inspired by Spelunky, Super Hexagon and Atom Zombie Smasher. It's both strategic and real-time, but isn't an RTS in a traditional sense (like Starcraft). A single playthrough will take you about 15 minutes, if you're good (but you aren't, yet). But the next one will be different. And anoter one as well.
I wanted to recreate the look of old biology books and the game looks currently like this:

It plays on a single screen. There's an "organism" consisting of various organs (circular shapes with red/blue bars). You grow these organs, move them on the screen and connect to make use of them (e.g. you connect muscle organ to a stomach organ to make it work). There's a constant threat - insects wanting to destroy your organism; so you need to defend yourself as well.

The game evolved from a prototype I made about a year ago. There's a few months of work left to do: proper menus, sound, overall polish. I will release it (with a price) for desktop computers, still considering other platforms.

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