#screenshotsaturday review (2010-11-20)

Ever heard about that new Twitter thing? Every saturday game developers post a screenshot of what they're working on at the moment and tag it as #screenshotsaturday. Actually, I haven't posted anything this saturday, but I came up with an idea to "review" some of these screenies. My choice is totally subjective! If you agree or don't agree with any of my statements, or just want to extend info about your screen featured here, write a comment!

Ok, let's go!

That's a game by @adamatomic and @chevyray (if I remember correctly). I really like the pixel art here - fairly low resolution, but very well used.

Some weird art here, I wonder what's this game about. Looks like a cross between a board and video game. (by @S0phieH)

I like that art and colors. It's from the game "...But That Was [Yesterday]" by @onemrbean, you can play it here. I strongly recommend giving it a go, it's just about 10 minutes of play. The game's story may be a bit ordinary, but I love the way it's been told, using the language of video games. Unfortunately it's not a common thing, most games are just trying to use the movie language.

Ok, call me an old, nostalgic man, but you have to admit that these 10-pixels elf and kobold are just cute. (+ I like roguelikes) (by @OddballDave)

That reminds me of System Shock 2, which is one of the best games ever created. (by @radiatoryang)

Yeah, yeah, another lovely pixel art. (by @hamumu)

Very interesting art style, something between Grim Fandango and Another World. I'm curious about that game. (by @cardboardcompy)

Makes me want to kick that red guy in the face RIGHT NOW! And who doesn't want to be a ninja? (by @seregrail7)

Looks like an insane battle (it.s for 2 players). Sadly, it's for iPad only... (by @huikea)

It's a screenshot from "Victorian room-based submarine roguelike" and it's one of the reasons I posted it here. (by @JasonP_)

That's it! Would you like me to review another #screenshotsaturday? Well, I did it: here's the next one!

3 Response to "#screenshotsaturday review (2010-11-20)"

  1. Regis says:

    That was good one, I want more! :)

    Thotep says:

    Thanks, I need to review another one now. :)

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