Galcon for Android available now!

Do you know Galcon? It's a strategy game, which lasts up to 5 minutes and requires arcade skills. Or, it's an arcade game that involves a lot of strategy. It is available on any desktop platform, on the iPhone and now - on Android! The best thing in Galcon is the multiplayer! There are some really epic battles (still lasting just a few minutes) and lots of fun. Plus, the multiplayer is multiplatform - so you can kick some iButts if you want. ;) I already bought it and I suggest you to do the same. BUY IT NOW!

I am not related to Phil Hassey (Galcon's author) in any way. It's just an awesome game, that's why I'm recommending it!
If you can't buy Market apps in your country, read this post.

If you can't buy Market apps in your country, read this post.

How to buy apps on Android Market in any country

First things first: I don't understand why the full Android Market is unavailable in most countries. Well, maybe selling apps by developer in country X requires some tax work, but why letting X citizens buy apps is so hard? It sucks ultimately. There's money lying on the street and Google doesn't bother to pick it up.
Anyway, you can fix that for yourself; without rooting your phone, hacking etc. The simplest solution is to buy a SIM card from Market-enabled country. For example you can buy an o2 card from UK or T-Mobile card from Germany. They are available on eBay or your country's counterpart (e.g. Allegro in Poland).
Next step: go to and configure Checkout for your Google account. You must have a bank card that allows internet payments - almost every card does.
Then put newly purchased SIM in your phone, connect via WiFi and enjoy the full Market goodness!

Note: you can buy an app and switch back to your standard SIM card. The app will be still available!

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