Games I forgot to write about

Huh! I'm not sure how this happened, but I made two new games and didn't post about them here. Let's fix this!


It's a survival-focused roguelike set on a small island. It's 1926, you're 13 years old and it is raining.
Random generation, meaningful choices and multiple endings!
I made this for the 7drl game jam ("make a roguelike in 7 days") with help of @regisekpl.

Modern Shooter

It's a very short (5 mins) game I made for the 7dfps game jam ("make an FPS in 7 days"). It has everything a decent FPS should have nowadays, but... Well, just see it for yourself.

I'm really satisfied with this one. I managed to say everything I wanted to through Modern Shooter, and it's actually fun!

Both games are made with libgdx, obviously.

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