Prophour23 release date - 22 Oct

Prophour23 is done! I put in the last piece of music (it's bizarre... I love it), which was the last missing part. All other assets and features are already in.
So, does that mean that the game is ready? Not yet! There are still some bugs waiting for a fix; I hope to clean them up during this last week before release.
It will be released on the game's page: and on Steam.

And since some of you asked:
Yes, you can monetise videos of Prophour23.
Or in a more official way:
I, Przemek Müller, hereby grant permission for anyone to make videos of Prophour23 and to monetise them. All of the music and art for the game was created for the game at my commission, I have full rights to grant this permission, and no-one else has any copyright claim to any of the game’s content that could supersede this permission.

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