It's about time to announce it officially on this blog: I'm working on a new game called Prophour23.
Prophour23 is a procedurally generated real-time strategy with emphasis on mechanics. It's designed to be short and replayable. Inspired by Spelunky, Super Hexagon and Atom Zombie Smasher. It's both strategic and real-time, but isn't an RTS in a traditional sense (like Starcraft). A single playthrough will take you about 15 minutes, if you're good (but you aren't, yet). But the next one will be different. And anoter one as well.
I wanted to recreate the look of old biology books and the game looks currently like this:

It plays on a single screen. There's an "organism" consisting of various organs (circular shapes with red/blue bars). You grow these organs, move them on the screen and connect to make use of them (e.g. you connect muscle organ to a stomach organ to make it work). There's a constant threat - insects wanting to destroy your organism; so you need to defend yourself as well.

The game evolved from a prototype I made about a year ago. There's a few months of work left to do: proper menus, sound, overall polish. I will release it (with a price) for desktop computers, still considering other platforms.

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  1. Greetings, steam reviewer here, I was wondering if I'd be able to discuss the background of the game, what inspired you to create it, what brought it to life. The game really caught my eye, and I do occasional features and reviews on games that really stand out to me (last one was MIND : Path to the Thalamus), I'd like to do a review and a piece on yours for the Steam Review system and curation, along with a Q and A about the inspiration behind Prophour23.

    Let me know if that's something that appeals. I'm reachable on steam via my profile (I've supplied the link in this post).

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