Pixel Slaughter! v0.5

I just uploaded a huge update. There are 3 levels now (+ tutorial) and some fun things to unlock. Also, finally you can see what I'm trying to accomplish with this game.

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  1. Anonimowy says:

    I'd like to submit a bug report (is there a way to do this properly?)
    On the Prince of Persia level, if you jump into the middle of the spikes, you will not die (or even be harmed).

    Anonimowy says:

    More bugs:
    (not a bug, let's say feature request)If you exit the game your progress and high score is lost.
    It's possible to shoot after death (this can increase your score)
    clicking outside the game's window while moving will make the protagonist move in that direction until key is re-pressed (it's a very common bug)
    In the Bubble Bobble level, the dragon will sometime lose the ability to produce bubbles (best guess is it happens after colliding with too many enemies is a short time)
    (possible bug?)In the Bubble Bobble level the energy (bottle) skill will trigger if the fireball skill triggers.
    (possible bug?)In the Prince of Pesia level skeletons will sometimes teleport to the lower level instead of being pushed.
    In the Prince of Pesia level if you get (fill the bar) the med-kit, while you have a crusher ready (red bar), it (crusher) will be lost. And vice versa (if you get crusher, you lose medkit).

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