How to buy apps on Android Market in any country

First things first: I don't understand why the full Android Market is unavailable in most countries. Well, maybe selling apps by developer in country X requires some tax work, but why letting X citizens buy apps is so hard? It sucks ultimately. There's money lying on the street and Google doesn't bother to pick it up.
Anyway, you can fix that for yourself; without rooting your phone, hacking etc. The simplest solution is to buy a SIM card from Market-enabled country. For example you can buy an o2 card from UK or T-Mobile card from Germany. They are available on eBay or your country's counterpart (e.g. Allegro in Poland).
Next step: go to and configure Checkout for your Google account. You must have a bank card that allows internet payments - almost every card does.
Then put newly purchased SIM in your phone, connect via WiFi and enjoy the full Market goodness!

Note: you can buy an app and switch back to your standard SIM card. The app will be still available!

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